Viral Korean Baby Names And Their Meanings

Nov 17 2023 Viral Korean Baby Names And Their Meanings Jigyasa Kakwani

​Most Popular Korean Baby Names​ Amid The Ever-Rising Popularity Of K-Pop K-Drama And Korean Food Around The World; There Is Also A Rising Popularity And Interest For Korean Baby Names. Here Are Some Korean Boy And Girl Names That Have Gained Popularity And Carry Positive Connotations. Canva

​Seo-Yeon​ Meaning "Felicitous Omen" Or "Lovable" In Korean Seo-Yeon Is A Popular Name For Girls Symbolizing Good Fortune And Affection. Canva

​Ji-Hoon​ For Boys Ji-Hoon Translates To "Smart And Talented" Reflecting Intelligence And Capability. Canva

​Yuna​ Yuna Implies "Gentle" Or "Kind-Hearted" And Is A Charming Name Often Given To Girls. Canva

​Min-Joon​ This Name For Boys Means "Handsome And Talented" Emphasizing Both Attractiveness And Skill. Canva

​eunji​ eunji signifies grace or kindness and is a beautiful name often chosen for girls canva

​Seo-Jun​ Meaning "Ruler" Seo-Jun Is A Name For Boys Symbolizing Leadership And Authority. Canva

​Hae-Won​ Hae-Won Translates To "Graceful Garden" Or "Beautiful Garden" And Is A Serene Name For Girls. Canva