Diwali 2023

Diwali Also Known As Deepavali Is One Of The Most Widely Celebrated Festivals In India. 10 Nov 2023 Sumaila Zaman

Diwali Is Observed In Which Month Of The Hindu Calendar? A) Ashwin B) Ashadha C) Kartika D) Magha

Narakasura Was Defeated By Whom According To Hindu Mythology? A) Lord Vishnu B) Lord Rama C) Lord Krishna D) Lord Yama

The Second Day Of Diwali Is Referred To As? A) Bhai Dooj B) Dhanteras C) Govardhan Pooja D) Naraka Chaturdashi

"Thalai Deepavali" Is A Distinctive Diwali Custom Observed In This Indian State A) Tamil Nadu B) Jharkhand C) Kerala

According To Hindu Mythology Lord Rama Was The Ruler Of Which State? A) Indraprastha B) Mithila C) Ayodhya D) Hastinapur

For How Many Days Diwali Is Celebrated In India? A) 2 Days B) 5 Days C) 6 Days D) 4 Days

Diwali The Festival Of Lights Always Falls On A) First Quarter Moon Night B) Full Moon Night C) No Moon Night D) Last Quarter Moon Night

Can You Name The Animal Linked With Lord Yama The God Of Death And Is Honoured On The Second Day Of Diwali? A) Cat B) Dog C) Elephant