Bigg Boss 17

Bigg Boss 17: Is Ankita Lokhande Pregnant? Bollywood Staff Source: Bollywoodlife.Com | Nov 17 2023

A Bittersweet Relationship Exists Between Ankita Lokhande And Vicky Jain Inside The 'Bigg Boss 17' House. They Get Into Heated Arguments Inside The House Frequently. Source: Bollywoodlife.Com

Ankita Has Frequently Mentioned How Lonely She Feels At Home. Recently The Actress Made A Significant Revelation In An Episode. Source: Bollywoodlife.Com

Ankita Lokhande And Vicky Jain Were Chatting While Seated In The Garden Area During A Recent Episode Of "Bigg Boss 17." Source: Bollywoodlife.Com

While Talking She Told Vicky “ Main Thak Gayi Main Sach Mein Thak Gayi.” She Even Said “Mereko Lag Raha Hai Main Beemar Hu Muhe Periods Bhi Nahi Aaye.” Source: Bollywoodlife.Com

Vicky Stated That He Thought That She Had Got Her Periods. Source: Bollywoodlife.Com

She Said "I Have Gone Through Blood Tests For Pregnancy To Check If I Am Not Pregnant. I Had The Test Yesterday And Today They Did My Urine Test.” Source: Bollywoodlife.Com

“ My Emotions Are Going Up And Down I Am Going Through Something Which I Can'T Explain. I Am Confused And I Am Not Blaming You For It" She Explained. Source: Bollywoodlife.Com

Vicky Persisted In Discussing The Game Which Led To A Fight Between The Two. But Soon After Their Argument Evolved Into Delightful Banter And They Started Laughing. Source: Bollywoodlife.Com