6 Korean Dramas With Strong Female Leads

6 Korean Dramas With Strong Female Leads 17 Nov 2023 Nishtha Srivastava

Descendants Of The Sun: In The Midst Of War'S Chaos A Special Forces Soldier And A Doctor Fall In Love Demonstrating That Strength And Compassion Can Coexist

Her Private Life: A Talented Curator Juggles Her Professional Life And Her Secret Fangirling Obsession Demonstrating Her Passion Independence And Ability To Multitask

It'S Okay To Not Be Okay: A Children'S Book Author With A Personality Disorder And A Caregiver With A Traumatic Past Find Healing And Love Emphasizing The Value Of Mental Health And Emotional Support

My Name: A Woman Driven By Vengeance Infiltrates A Powerful Crime Syndicate To Avenge Her Father'S Death Demonstrating Her Unwavering Determination And Commitment To Justice

Protect The Boss: A Determined Woman Takes Over Her Father'S Failing Sports Agency Demonstrating Her Smart Business Sense And Unwavering Determination To Succeed

Strong Girl Bong-Soon: A Woman With Superhuman Strength Defies Gender Stereotypes Fights Crime And Navigates The Complexities Of Love And Friendship Demonstrating Her Strength Independence And Unwavering Spirit

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